About Tunisia Impact COIN

To unleash the high untapped potentials, we are introducing an alternative incentive models and new instruments for resource mobilization and for decentral governance.

The aim of Tunisia Impact COIN is to:

  • Increase the transparency and trust between the different stakeholders and facilitate the collaboration and the exchange of knowledge and resources.
  • Enable projects and organizations to introduce crypto-assets as incentive instrument to engage local and international supporters and suppliers in collective value creation activities and joined endeavors.
  • Increase the flexibility and trust within multi-stakeholder projects and networks through tokenized financial instruments that can ensure full transparency of transaction and control of funds and that enable collective management of resources and flexible design of decentral organizations and supply chains using smart contracts.
  • Build new cooperation and organization models based on decentral governance and participative decision-making frameworks.

In cooperation with trusted partners and experts, Tunisia Impact COINs will be issued and allocated to projects based on following criteria:

  • Economic viability, innovation scalability and potential to create valuable common assets and products. These projects can be initiated by social entrepreneurs, startups, incubators, research centers and innovation hubs.
  • Non-profit projects that can contribute to social, cultural, and environmental impact. These projects can be mainly initiated by associations, governmental organizations, business partners or individuals.

In exchange for the invested COIN, projects that aim to monetize their products commit to give equity shares or collect back COINs by offering a discount percentage of their future products and services in exchange of COINs.

The allocated COINs can be used by projects as rewarding instrument to receive products, services, and resources from diverse contributors within the network.


By engaging further service providers, business partners and supporters within the marketplace, COINs can be mainly used to exchange resources, services, and products within the network. Besides the economic benefit of COINs, the collected amounts can show transparently the engagement of each individual member and business partner in the supported of impact-oriented projects.


The introduction of Tunisia Impact COIN is a pilot project, all members joining the ecosystem shall be aware that currently, we are not enforcing any legal binding contracts with any of the projects or beneficiaries. All members accepting Tunisia Impact COIN can only rely on the honest engagement of all involved parties which will be transparent within the network. Ensure that Tunisia Impact COIN can offer back an economic value is a result of joined effort and continuous collective improvement of the governance and technical framework.