Terms and Conditions for TND-COIN holding and usage

Within the Framework of regulatory sandbox of Tunisian Central Bank, Coinsence provides community members a solution that enables them to purchase TND-COINs with national currencies. TND-COINs can be converted into Tunisian Dinars through bank transfers to Tunisian bank accounts. TND-COINs are fully backed by Tunisian Dinars reserves.

TND-COINs can be instantly and directly transferred between Coinsence users. The transaction and balances are recorded on a public distributed ledger. The offered solution removes the need for expensive middlemen, drives down transaction costs and increases liquidity and transparency of transactions. TND-COINs can be allocated to projects or used to exchange value within the network.

By accepting TND-COINs, you confirm that you are aware that TND-COIN are offered within a pilot framework.

By accepting TND-COINs, you confirm your agreement with following terms and conditions.


TND-COIN holder canfirm that all information related to their user identity are correct and up to date. Following Coinsence verification procedure, user consent to proof their personal identity and in case they are representing any organization or business, user consent to proof the identity of the represented legal entity and their eligibility to represent this entity. Following regulatory requirements and internal terms of services, Coinsence has the right to block accounts until user prove their identity.


All accounts are individual accounts that are associated to individual physical persons. Users are not allowed to share the access to their accounts with any third party. Users are fully responsible of storing passwords and access keys in secure way and are aware about the risk of losing their assets in case of giving access of their account to third party.


Holding TND-COINs is equivalent to holding Tunisian dinars and all transactions represent monetary transactions. Users are aware that these transactions need to be reported within internal accounting and auditing process, and in the revenue declarations as they are subject to taxation.


All TND-COIN transactions and account balances are stored in the Rinkeby Ethereum Blockchain and all account addresses can be transparently associated to the user accounts. Users accept that all their transactions are transparent for all members within the network.


Due to any reason, Coinsence might discontinue their offered service. In this case, the TND-COINs will be converted back into dinars which will be sent to the COIN holder bank accounts in Tunisia. In case Coinsence is planning to stop their service, their will inform Coin holders through email. TND-COIN holders will have 30 days’ time where they still be able to transfer or cash out TND COINs. Within this time period, COIN holders can still provide or update their bank accounts details to ensure that all COINs are converted into Tunisian Dinars and bank transactions are performed before deadline.


All TND COINs are 100% backed by Tunisian Dinars reserve, which will eliminate all risks related to speculation or lack of liquidity. Coinsence is using blockchain technology and state of the art digital security solutions, to ensure that all monetary funds are secured and to ensure that TND COIN supply corresponds exactly to the monetary reserve. Nerveless, user should be aware that external effects like unexpected change of regulations might cause delays in the cash out procedure or in the worst case the un-ability to convert TND-COIN back into Tunisian Dinars.


All transactions using TND COINs are 100% free. To cover the costs related to the payment service provides and monetary transfer in case of TND-COIN purchase using foreign currencies, Coinsence will deduct the fees during the TND-COIN purchase procedure. Users will see the cost and exact amount of TND-COIN they will receive before closing any purchase action. To cover blockchain gas fees, transaction fees might need to be introduced in the future, in this case TND-COIN holder will be informed and will get the option to opt-in or to convert their TND-COIN into national currency.


  • a. Through Coinsence Platform, user can buy TND-COIN either using credit card or through money transfer to a dedicated account (IBAN Germany, IBAN Tunisia) and through stating their account public key as transaction purpose. User will receive TND-COIN on their accounts as soon the bank transaction is confirmed (within few minutes using credit card, within few days using direct bank transfer).
  • b. TND-COINs can be sent to other accounts using Coinsence Platform, Coinsence App or other third party blockchain wallets.
  • c. Users can cash out TND-COIN and receive a bank transaction to their selected accounts. This can be performed through Coinsence platform or Coinsence App. User will send TND-COINs and will receive a 1:1 bank transaction in Tunisian Dinars to his specified account in Tunisia.


TND-COINs have a single unique smart contract address that can proof the originality of the TND-COINs issued by Coinsence. The originality can be verified through Coinsence platform or through the Coinsence wallet. This is the URL which user must use to ensure tracing the right TND-COINs. TND-COIN address is 0xBA92b5e4Fd50f2C500aE4d000C7D327C6381313d, TNDCOIN.png