Boost your project with Tunisia Impact COINs

Tunisia Impact COIN
## You are looking for an alternative way to boost your project and reward your supporters across the globe? Submit your project to get Tunisia Impact COINs, which you can use to receive contributions from the network. These contributions can be in form of expertise, services, resources, discounts or funding. You, on behalf of your project team or your organization commit to build great solutions, create impact, and share the jointly created value. #### **The contribution of the network to your project** * For each Tunisia Impact COINs you will spend, you ensure receiving a contribution to your project that has the same value in Tunisian Dinars. #### **Your contribution to the network** For the Tunisia Impact COINs you have received and which you have been able to spend for the project, you commit to give back value to the community. This value can be your social impact or in form of services, products or other benefits that correspont the value of the contribution you have received.
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